They are very nice people at A/C Doctors. The first time I had them over, my air conditioner had to be redone in the inside and outside. I also have a condo that needed AC work from them one time, and they went out there and just did awesome work. They do very good work, are very polite, and just rub me the right way! I will always use them because of that.

-Linda K.
San Antonio, TX

I absolutely love this company! We’ve called at midnight and someone came out to help right away in the past. Today, we just purchased a new unit, easy & quick financing, great customer service! The team came out and within a few hours, we have air again!

-Stacie H.
San Antonio, TX

While servicing my neighbor across the street, we approached the service technician to relay our AC Problem. We inquired how we would go about scheduling an appointment to troubleshoot. They were very friendly and walked over – diagnosed and fixed the problem on the spot! They were really a life saver. We will recommend your co to friends and family. Hats Off!!! & Thank You!!!

-J & P M.
San Antonio, TX

I bought a complete new unit from the A/C Doctors a few years ago and even back then they had the best price and subsequently the best customer service, Since then they call and schedule my seasonal maintenance appointments on the unit. They are always prompt, professional, and courteous, and since my first visit they have been honest about the work that needs to get done. I recommend them to anyone who wants to work with an honest professional company.

-Norma S.
San Antonio, TX

We had our air conditioning problem on a Sunday night-and for AC Doctors to make time to come out at 10:30pm on a Sunday really means a lot about their service. I feel the price is reasonable, and he fixed a problem with our AC compressor that another AC company had deemed unfixable and had quoted 2500 dollars for a new unit. AC Doctors were able to get ours up and running and without charging an arm and a leg.

San Antonio, TX

I recently used A/C Doctors and it was a very positive experience. I sent them out to one of my properties and everything turned out great! I will always recommend them to people and I definitely will use them again. I remember the technician doing a great job and he was very friendly to everyone. It was a very good value for the price that we paid.

-Sarah T.
San Antonio, TX

A/C Doctors has always done a great job for me. This was not my first time using them, I’ve been using them for quite some time now. I continue using them because their customer service is good, their pricing is fair and their technicians are knowledgeable! I had them come out recently to replace a condenser coil for the air conditioner and everything turned out fine. The technician was able to assess the problem quickly and efficiently then he told me what he found with his assessment and answered the few questions that I had. He worked quickly and was able to get the unit working properly. He was very personable and courteous. I have never had any problems with them so if you need work done with your air conditioner then have no qualms about calling A/C Doctors! They will not disappoint you!

-Velva L.
Converse, TX

A/C Doctors has always done great work for me! This was not my first time using them. I have been using them for about 15 to 20 years now and they have always been fantastic. Most recently they came out to replace a few air conditioners at my business. Everything turned out great! Robert came out as he usually does for us. He is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He takes time to assess what is going on then gives me a full review, explains what he can do to fix it and offers options for what we can do to fix it as well as taking the time to answer my questions. I feel their pricing is good and they are a trustworthy company. Every time I have called they were able to come out quickly. They offer same day and emergency services. I want to let people know that A/C Doctors is an excellent company with knowledgeable technicians who come quickly and get the job done well!

-Vince A.
San Antonio, TX

I have used A/C Doctors three times in the past. The last time they came out and did what I call a “summer blowout” where they do a maintenance service check and make sure the unit is ready for the upcoming season. In Texas, it is very important to have a functioning air conditioning unit during the summer time. Everything turned out well. I had no issues with my air conditioning over the summer and stayed nice and cool. I have moved to a new house and haven’t had a need for A/C Doctors, but I have already recommended them to others and would recommend them at any time!

-Steven W.
Cibolo, TX

I have used A/C Doctors for years. They always call me when it’s time for my routine maintenance, which I appreciate. Robert always comes to do our service and he’s absolutely wonderful! They are always friendly and prompt. Whenever I need something, A/C Doctors is immediately responsive. I highly recommend them!

-Denise W.
Garden Ridge, TX

I have been using A/C Doctors for over 10 years. On this most recent visit for annual inspection they cleaned out the units, checked the Freon levels, checked the heating element in the attic and checked the returns. The workers are all fantastic and are typically ten minutes early for the appointment times! I have never had any problems with A/C Doctors and I will continue using them for the rest of my life!

-Will S.
San Antonio , TX

This was the first time I used A/C Doctors. They did an annual checkup on my air conditioning. Everything went fine. I would continue to use their service. The scheduling was easy. And they were easy to work with. They were polite and courteous. I would recommend A/C Doctors to my family and friends.

-Willie C.
Schertz, TX

I have used A/C Doctors on more than one occasion. This last time they came out and did a repair on an air conditioning unit for a property that I managed at the time. It all turned out fine. They are dependable, reliable, and honest, and that’s why I continue to call them out for my air conditioning needs. They have excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and I would definitely recommend them!

-Bob W.
San Antonio, TX

Called ac doctors first thing in the morning we here in a few short hours and had my outside unit replaced by the evening. With my husband deployed made the process as smooth as possible! Great customer service!! Overall a great experience! Totally recommend AC doctors!

-Leslie D.
78233, TX

If you want a reliable company AC Doctors is the one to go to. They are very professional they won’t give you the run around. They do quality work. Best I’ve seen to date. Thank you Raul you were very professional!

-Kwinton E.
San Antonio, TX

I have had an excellent experience with A/C Doctors. I have been using their service for about three or four years now and I always have the same technician come out to do the work. Robert is is simply outstanding. He came out recently to give our air conditioning a maintenance check before summer. He’s very knowledgeable and competent. I even had had him install an air conditioning unit in the past. He’s just A plus in what he does. I don’t know about the other technicians they employ, but he’s super good and he’s the reason I have such a positive outlook about A/C Doctors. He is consistently off the scale superb.

-William F.
San Antonio, TX

I have been using A/C Doctors for about five or six years, now. This time, they came out to do routine maintenance on my air conditioner. The to this every six months. They are very professional and they know what they are doing. They do a good job and they clean up after they finish the work. They even wear booties so they don’t track dirt on the carpet.

Their customer service people are wonderful too. They are always courteous and polite. It’s just a good company all the way around, and their prices are outstanding! I will definitely continue to use them.

-Kenny M.
San Antonio, TX

I hired repaired A/C Doctors to repair the HVAC system. They arrived on time were very professional. Even with a bit of language barrier they were able to help me understand what they were doing and why. They treated me with respect and were quick to get the job done. Very satisfied with their service!

-Roberto E.
San Antonio, TX

I’ve used A/C Doctors for years and have always been satisfied with the work they’ve done. They’re honest about the pricing and don’t push us to get more than we need. They let us know exactly what’s needed and what they’re going to do upfront. If we do have questions about something else, they’ll let us know what we can do on our own or help us make plans to work with us in the future. They are also always on time and communicate ahead of time if they need to change the schedule. We’re never left waiting.

The last time they were out here, they replaced my furnace. Before that they installed the A/C. Both times they put on shoe covers, kept our house clean and brought everything they needed for the job, including a step ladder to get into my attic.

It’s always good to check prices. I think they have competitive prices and do good work for the cost. I’d highly recommend them. Ask for David!

-Ruben H.
San Antonio, TX

I recently went to A/C Doctors to have the air conditioner in my home repaired when it had been acting up and was very pleased with how well the services from them went. The people who came out to do the repairs were very friendly and professional while they were here and were able to quickly diagnose the issue with the air conditioner, once diagnosed they quickly got to work getting the repairs done. The repairs were all done well and I have not had any more issues with the A/C unit since the work was completed, I would definitely use the services from A/C Doctors again, and I highly recommend them.

-Kathlynn W.
San Marcos, TX

We have been using A/C Doctors for several years. This last time, they came out to do routine maintenance on our heating and cooling system. The technician was knowledgeable and professional, and he did a good job.

Their customer service was also very good. They were polite and courteous and they worked around our schedule. Their pricing was a little high, just like everybody else. I would recommend them to others, and I will continue to use them.

-Marilyn W.
San Antonio, TX

I have been using A/C Doctors for a few years now to have repairs done on my air conditioning unit and was very pleased with how well the work from them went. The people who have come out to do the repairs have always been very friendly and helpful while they were here and always have gotten the work done quickly and without any issues. All in all, I am very pleased with the work from A/C Doctors, I will definitely continue to use their services and I highly recommend them.

-Mrs G.
San Antonio, TX

I’ve been working with A/C Doctors for quite a while, now, and am very happy to have found them. They’re incredibly dependable and I appreciate having a timely, competent company that I can really count on. I’ve been requesting the same person, since day one, and they are very accommodating and always send the technician I ask for. He’s excellent! Always on time and very polite and extremely efficient. My furnace has been working great, and I’d absolutely recommend them to others!

-Mrs C.
San Antonio, TX

I am a repeat customer of A/C Doctors, I first used them 4 years ago to install a new air conditioning unit and now I have them come out twice a year for checkups.When my heater stopped working I was so impressed they were able to come out on a Saturday during the holidays, I really appreciated it as I would have frozen without them. They came an installed a new heater for me. Robert was terrific and explained everything to me. I also liked that he put on sanitary booties before entering my home and he didn’t get my rug dirty. I can tell this company really cares about their customers and I highly recommend them.

-Judy B.
San Antonio, TX

I recently went to A/C Doctors to have some repair work done on the air conditioner in my home and was very pleased with how well the work from them went. The people from A/C Doctors were very friendly and professional while they were here doing the work and were able to quickly and easily get everything repaired. Since the work was completed everything has been working perfectly, I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them!

-Daniel W.
San Antonio, TX

I recently went to A/C Doctors to have some repair work done on the air conditioner at my home and was very pleased with how well the work from them went. The people who came out to do the repair were very courteous and professional while they were here doing the work and were able to diagnose the issue and get to work repairing it very quickly. The work was completed in good time and the air conditioner has been working perfectly since the repairs. Overall I am very pleased with the services from A/C Doctors, I will definitely use them again if needed and I highly recommend their services.

-Fernando G.
Universal City, TX

We called A/C Doctors when we had an emergency. We had just moved back to Texas and it was the day before we were having a gathering at the house when the AC went out. We called them and they bent over backward to help us. They got out here, did the job, checked on our other unit while they were here, and even came back 2 weeks later to follow up and make sure everything was working OK, and they did that free of charge. This was actually the second time we used them but I wouldn’t have gone back if not for the good experience I had the first time when our AC unit needed a freon charge. That introduced me to them. I hope I don’t need to use their service again soon, but if I do I’d call them.

-Micheal F.
Schertz, TX

We have been using the services of A/C Doctors for about two or three years now and are very satisfied with them. In fact, we have already recommended them several times. They are very prompt whenever we have reached out to them. The technicians who come out are professional, competent and very careful. Their prices are good. We have used them on multiple occasions but most recently they came out to do an air conditioner installation for us. Everything went well and we’re happy with how things turned out.

-Kay A.
Boerne, TX

I used A/C Doctors for several small issues with my air conditioning unit. They were fast, professional and thorough. I was satisfied with their work and had no complaints. I would use them again for sure.

-David L.
San Antonio, TX

I have used A/C Doctors a couple times before, I first heard about them from a friend. During their most recent visit, they did a minor fix on my air conditioning unit. I am happy it is back up and running. I always think they do a good job and the technicians are very professional. The price is good too, very comparable to other services in the area. I will continue to use their service and recommend them to others.

-Dee C.
San Antonio, TX

They do a good job. We have been using their services for the past four years, and we have them come out twice a year to check the air conditioner and heater in our home. The last time they were out here, their technicians informed us that that a small hole in the air conditioner might have been causing a Freon leak, and they went ahead and refilled the Freon for us. We have different technicians come out for service calls, but they are always prompt, informative, polite, and they even wear protective coverings on their feet to make sure they don’t track dirt or debris inside. We have recommended them several times in the past, and we’re glad to do so again. We’re very happy with the service, and we have no plans to change!

-Ed P.
New Braunfels, TX

I’ve used A/C Doctors on several occasions and I’m quite satisfied with the service they provide. Their pricing is pretty good and I would strongly recommend them. They do good work, and they call ahead before showing up; They stick to their promises and they arrive when they say they will, they do the work they say they will. Their technicians are professional and efficient. Overall, I’m happy with everything they’ve done.

-Jason P.
San Antonio, TX

I can’t offer enough praise for this company.. We had central air and heat installed last week David Cruz and his crew did a fantastic and totally professional job ..
The owner Raul Rodriguez gave us a very competitive bid on our job ..
David’s crew were very polite and did a brilliant job.. I have all ready recommended them to a friend ..
Thank you guys!

-Jeremy S.
San Antonio , TX

I did some business with A/C doctors about a year and a half ago. They service they provided was excellent! The employees were fair and honest. They explained the whole process to me so that I understood what they were going to do and what exactly they were charging me for. I still have Raul’s business card in my wallet and I will be using them in the future if needed !

-Sheldon F.
San Antonio, TX

Last year we had to take the whole AC unit out due to an unfortunate accident in which lightning struck our house. A/C Doctors repaired the whole unit and the unit upstairs as well. They came a few months ago to do a tune up and said that everything is good so far. He took a look outside the unit, and inside as well. The pricing is perfect and they have good customer service. I like how they keep me informed and they do call me on a monthly basis to make sure things are going OK, as opposed to me having to call them.

-Wavery E.
San Antonio, TX

The guys over at A/C Doctors were quite simply fantastic. I called them because my air had just completely shut down and was not responding no matter what I did. I thought that I was going to have to get a whole new unit which I really did not have the budget for. These guys came out and took a look at my unit and told me they would be able to fix it! They went and got their tools and they worked for about 2 hours straight. They got my unit working perfectly again and they even took the time to explain to me what was wrong. I really appreciated that because they also told me how to avoid having it happen again. I could not be happier with my whole experience and would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone!

-Sarah H.
San Antonio, TX

The most recent service visit from AC Doctors was to service my AC unit. It was a fairly straight forward job.We originally bought the AC unit from them in 2015 and they’ve been the only ones to service the unit. I like the fact that they call and ask if I’m interested in having the heating or AC units serviced. I don’t always remember. A great tech, Robert comes out and he’s jut a very good man. He’s the reason we continue use A/C Doctors and recommend them to friends!

I also think they’re very honest. And their prices are within normal costs of keeping a system up and running well.

-Fleming F.
San Antonio, TX

I love A/C Doctors! They operate with integrity and they’ve been a reliable air conditioning service for the past 10 years. Super nice and personable service has been their standard from the beginning.

I tell everyone I know about AC Doctors. I’ve always had the same tech when I call for service. He gives me suggestions for things to do between maintenance and repairs that save me money. He works with me to keep the unit running in a way that works with my budget.

As a widow, I feel safe with AC Doctors. I don’t have to worry about the techs taking advantage of repair situations, selling me things I don’t need. They’re also great with my dog!

-Caron H.
San Antonio, TX

We have a contract with A/C Doctors and they come out every quarter. They were just out here yesterday for a scheduled maintenance check-up. Everything went fine. I’ve been happy with them and I’ve used them for years. They’re always very prompt and professional.

-Cole L.
Helotes, TX

A/C Doctors are very responsive. I’ve never had to wait for their services. When I call them they’re here on the same day, plus they call me when they’re on their way. That’s nice because you’re not just sitting out on your porch just waiting. I love the service people. They’re always courteous, and they offer military discount, which is nice to have here in San Antonio. Recently, I had a AC unit replaced. It’s working well now. I think I’ve been using A/C Doctors for at least four years now. They’re a really reliable company, and I would absolutely recommend them.

-Alicia J.
San Antonio, TX

The people over at A/C Doctors were just wonderful to me. They were quick to respond to my call and they got someone out quickly to look at my unit which I really appreciated. The guy that the sent out was extremely professional and really knew what he was doing. He was able to fix up my air in no time at all which was a relief. I am so happy that I called these guys and would recommend them in a heartbeat!

-Martha M.
San Antonio, TX

The guys over at A/C Doctors really came through for me and I could not be happier. The whole experience was kind of a whirlwind, but that is only because they really took care of business. I called them and they answered right away and were able to get someone out that very same day. While it was not a huge emergency, I really appreciated the speed in which they were able to get someone out. The guy that came out was able to figure out what the issue was quickly and had the part he needed in the truck to fix it. My unit was back at full power in no time at all and it is all thanks to A/C Doctors.

-Mark N.
San Antonio, TX

The people over at A/C Doctors came recommended to us by our neighbors and they did not disappoint. The guy that came and helped us is the same one who helps our neighbors and he has been with A/C Doctors for a long time. He is very good and and informative and he keeps you up to date with what is going on. He explained every step as he was doing and we really appreciated that. He provided very good service and we cannot recommend him highly enough.

-Nancy S.
New Braunfuls, TX

I have been using A/C Doctors for all of my air conditioning needs for a few years now, and have always been very happy with the services they provide. I have them come out once a year to check up on the machine they installed a while back, and they always are very good at showing up at the time we had agreed upon. When they arrive the work is done quickly, and we haven’t had any issues after their work has been done with the air conditioner. Overall I am quite pleased and will definitely continue to use their services. I highly recommend them!

-Geri K.
San Antonio, TX

I was having a problem with my AC and I called A/C Doctors to come fix it. I’d burnt out the wires I believe, and they replaced them, and refilled the freon. The person who came to do the job was excellent and worked for about 2 hours, and it worked fine after. The pricing was kind of high, I think I paid over $600. I didn’t compare so I don’t know if that’s usual but it seemed high to me.

-Cloretta W.
Converse, TX

I have absolutely no complaints when it comes to the people over at A/C Doctors. Everything has just gone so smoothly and the people that work here are just so nice that I really have nothing negative I could possibly say. They are very good and they do their work quickly and efficiently. I have never had to call them back twice for the same problem and that is a huge plus for me. If you are looking for a good heating and air technician these are the guys you want.

-Jesse M.
San Antonio, TX

A/C Doctors came in and did the job and they left everything clean and neat and it was one of those one, two, three, done deals! This was my first time using them and now that I have my file in there I would certainly sue them again.
Everything was nice, including the pricing. I don’t need the air conditioning right now but I know that it will work in the spring and if it doesn’t I would just give them a call and I’m sure they would take care of it. It’s a good company.

-Stephen K.
Schertz, TX

I have recommended A/C Doctors to my neighbors and other people. They are always very prompt and they come out right away and they always work with me and make sure that they don’t sell me something that I don’t need. They get things done in the most economical way possible and in addition to that, they find a way to get it done, even if it’s on a Sunday or late at night, they do whatever they need to do to take care of things.

-Tim D.
New Braunfels, TX

I would certainly recommend A/C Doctors. They were on time, they didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t need to know and all the things that they said I needed were pretty simple. The pricing was pretty good and competitive and they were also very courteous. They call you after they provide the service to double check on the work and to see if I had any question or not, that’s great.
I had a pretty good plan to have summer and winter check ups and they were pretty reasonable. They even offered a little discount too, which was nice.
Sometimes you don’t keep up with all that stuff like follow up visits and they do it for you, send you reminders when needed. They are pretty cordial and pretty polite and I personally don’t like the people that are aggressively trying to sale you something that you don’t need.
I have another company in town and they sold me things that I didn’t need and the AC doctors didn’t have to fix anything, but they corrected the problems from the other company and fixed it the way that should have been done before.
I n a nutshell, that’s why I would recommend them, they never did me any wrong. I have a new house now and I’m hoping that they service this part of town too.

-Kevin P.
San Antonio, TX

I like A/C Doctors because they appear to know what they’re doing. They have good prices, and they kept me informed about what they were doing and why. The staff was very friendly and clean.

-C H.
San Antonio, TX

I simply could not possibly be happier with the people over at A/C Doctors. My air had broken down and I had called some other companies to come take a look at it and they all told me it could not be repaired and that it would need to be replaced. I gave the people at A/C Doctors a call and they sent someone out who was able to fix my air in about an hour or so. These guys saved me a small fortune not having to buy a whole new unit. My unit has been working perfectly since these guys came so I am one happy camper!

-Carmela T.
San Antonio, TX

I have had a really good experience with the people over at A/C Doctors and the people that work there. They were very prompt and professional and they did some fantastic work for me. They were able to get in and out in a short time and had the air conditioning unit back functioning at full strength. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

-Chris M.
San Antonio, TX

I cannot say enough positive things about the people over at A/C Doctors. These guys do incredible work and the technicians that come out are sterling examples of what it means to be professional. I was having a problem and another company told me there was no saving my unit and that I would need to replace it, but these guys were able to save it. On top of the fact that they saved me from having to get a new unit, they also gave me a real good price on the work that they did. My only small complaint would be that it did take a while to schedule an appointment with them, but it was definitely worth the wait!

-Sheridan K.
San Antonio, TX

I am very happy with the services I have received so far from A/C Doctors, I had them install an A/C unit in my home a few months ago, and recently it gave me a little bit of trouble, but the A/C Doctors came out very quickly and got it working again right away. I am very happy with the work they have done, and think their customer service is excellent.

-Joe M.
Bandera, TX

We used A/C Doctors to replace our air conditioning unit because it wasn’t working. They did a great job. We would recommend them to other people. We will call them again if we need too. Their prices were pretty reasonable too.

-Jesse M.
San Antonio, TX

I’m very likely to recommend A/C Doctors because they did quality work and they were prompt and the prices were good and they stand behind their product. This was not my first time, it was the second time that I’ve had them do something for me and the first time was also satisfactory. They were great.

-Tammy R.
San Antonio, TX

Whenever I have needed to use A/C Doctor they are always prompt, professional, and reliable. I am absolutely satisfied with the services received and feel their pricing is competitive. Overall – I feel it is 5 star service and I would absolutely recommend them.

-Tim D.
New Braunfels, TX

Service and personnel are great always on time and a pleasure to work with I have moved when I need a C I will call you new address is 14119 Ridge Meadow 78233 same phone number thanks for all your help

-Terry D.
San Antonio, TX

A/C Doctors did a fine job for us. They showed up when we were expecting them and did excellent work on my air conditioning unit. They are very skilled and highly knowledgeable about the business. I would recommend them to anyone, and I would use them again, that’s the best feedback I can give.

-David H.
Schertz, TX

One of things that I am very happy with them about is that they dealt with my air conditioner, which is very old. He didn’t come in right away trying to sell me a new one unit, I told him I am between jobs and I was just hoping they can fix it.

He tried literally everything and eventually got it going. He was a very detailed and knowledgeable person. I would recommend them to anyone.

-Jolene V.
San Antonio, TX

A/C Doctors does all my AC work and Robert is a pleasure to work with! He comes to my home and services my AC unit and he also does repair work for my mother. Robert is always prompt for our appointments, gets everything done on time and anything that needs attention, he’ll take care of it.
Robert is very thorough and I can’t recommend him enough. The people in the office are wonderful too and are always very friendly and helpful. Everyone at A/C Doctors gives me A+ service and my experience with them has been excellent.

-Patty P.
San Antonio, TX

We used A/C Doctors for some general maintenance and up keep on our air conditioning unit in our home. They do a pretty good job, they are easy to schedule a time with, they generally show up when they are supposed to and if not they usually call. I would have no problem recommending them.The workers are also very knowledgeable and friendly.

-Michael S.
San Antonio, TX

I haven’t had any problems at all with A/C Doctors. I thought their pricing seems fair and their service is very good, they are on time and do great work. In the past I primarily have used them to just service my AC units. I would definitely recommend them to other people if they are looking for a reliable and reputable AC service.

-Mario C.
Converse, TX

A/C Doctors arrived on time and they properly installed the equipment. So what ended up happening was that they had to come back for a second visit because there was a loose wire or something. They came back, they were very responsive, the appointment time was fine. They did the work and they followed up. Everyone makes mistakes but they cleaned them up, which is the important thing.

-Tim M.
San Antonio, TX

Robert Karrer took his time to check the system, explained me clearly the condition of the unit and the best way to do the maintenance. Robert answered all my question plus he did some repairs on my ducts with out asking me, at no extra charge; also he recommended me to install some returns to stabilize the temperature up stairs. Besides the $39.95 for the hour and a half check up and a full description of my needs he left the credit applications and…. peace in my heart. Thanks Robert.

-Henry G.
San Antonio, TX

This was not my first time using A/C Doctors. We used them before and this is the third time we used them. They worked on an AC unit outside and the job they did turned out fine. Before they worked on it, they came to check it to see what was wrong. When they found the problem, we got them to change out some parts.

San Antonio, TX

A/C Doctors came to fix our AC unit. This was the first time that we had used them. We called because our AC was not turning on. Someone from A/C Doctors was able to come look at the unit within two hours of us calling. The gentleman was able to get it to turn on and working properly within 30 minutes. He was very professional and honest. He gave us recommendations and quotes for what we should do in the future about our AC. He explained both the pros and cons of the options to either replace the unit, or to keep maintaining it if we didn’t have the funds for a new one readily available. We were very pleased with the service, and the price. The price was very fair, in the middle towards lower rates. I would definitely use them again. It was a very pleasant experience.

-Cory R.
San Antonio, TX

A/C Doctors serviced out entire unit and they were able to do a couple of repairs. I have used them maybe ten times so far on my personal house and on rental properties. I come back to them because they are very knowledgeable and they have fair prices. Their workers are very friendly and professional.

-Fernando L.
San Antonio, TX

A/C Doctors has diagnosed problems we’ve had with our air conditioning system, and replaced compressors and fan motors. They’ve been very responsive, and I’ve been extremely happy with their service!

-Aquarium D.
San Antonio, TX

A/C Doctors are flexible and they work with me. I have several homes in San Antonio. They have been great and they keep our tenants in functional homes. They have been working with me for awhile.

-Juan G.
San Antonio, TX

I’ve worked with A/C Doctors for about 8 years. They manage three properties for me. I needed a new AC at one point and called six places, and A/C Doctors had the best prices. As far as their service goes, Raul tries to get someone to help me the minute I call. He usually gets someone out there the same day, or next day. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend them.

-Jennifer E.
San Antonio, TX

I have used A/C Doctors several times. They are really fast to make the call, and they usually leave the next day. A/C Doctors is quite reasonable, and they’re not trying to sell you something you don’t need. Now everything works alright!

-Natalie S.
San Antonio, TX

I’ve worked with A/C Doctors for about two years. Their technicians are friendly and arrive exactly when they say they will. They’re honest, reasonably priced, and always try to save you money. I would recommend them..

-Nola R.
San Antonio, TX

I had someone from A/C Doctors come to my house to see some of the issues I was having. I called them and within 15 minutes they knew the problem, fixed it the same day, and ever since it has been working great. It was a great overall experience. I was initially told by someone else that I needed a new AC system. They work hard to find a resolution to your problem. They are friendly and I found them honest.

-Nicholas W.
San Antonio, TX

I have used A/C Doctors three times. They have replaced my AC capacitor, cleaned the inside of the AC, and checked the levels for me. The first two times, the person that helped us was very informative. He did what he could at minimal cost. They’re very knowledgeable, and let us know what they’re doing. They are on time, professional, and courteous. They are friendly and helpful and they try to accommodate you according to your budget. I recommend them.

-Lily T.
San Antonio, CA

I would happily recommend A/C Doctors since they did a great job fixing our air conditioner. They were prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable. The repair was done quickly and efficiently.

-Billy S.
San Antonio, TX

We are very happy with A/C Doctors! They were recommended to us by our son and that is how we found them. We have had them over a number of times for our ac and heater issues. They have also my father with their ac and heater.
Robert is a wonderful staff member because he is cordial and prompt. Whenever we call him for help, he always tries to come as soon as he could. He is a Christian.They are wonderful to us. A very rewarding service.

-Carol B.
San Antonio , TX

This was my first time using A/C Doctors, and I would definitely use them again. They replaced capacitors for me, and they had them back up and running within thirty minutes. The people who came in were good, very professional, and friendly. They even gave me a discount! I would highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates good service.

-Joe P.
San Antonio, TX